Cetif Advisory, the fintech incubator of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, with the support of the Jewish Economic Forum, has launched a new Fintech's innovation hub in Tel-Aviv.
About CETIF Advisory
The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan Research Center has been organizing conferences, promoting research, providing Executive and Master courses on strategic, organizational and technological change dynamics in the financial, banking and insurance sectors for over thirty years. In 2020, Cetif established Cetif Advisory, the university spin-off for technology transfer to translate academic research results into action.
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Thank to the local presence in Israel Cetif will be able to provide a variety of services to its members such as legal advice, financial consulting, business development, marketing, and more.
Local Representation
Cetif Advisory For Israel aims to establish and build a solid link between Cetif's Italian financial ecosystem and the Israeli fintech innovation process, to create a sustainable competitive advantage. The offices are located in the nerve center of Tel Aviv's high tech district. The Tel Aviv office is also available to the Cetif community and its over thirty thousand professionals as a reference point for scouting and integrating innovation flows.
The offices, with completely bilingual staff, monitor the Israeli market on the one hand according to the specific needs of the customer, and on the other support the generation of networking among the members of the community. The mission also continues on the regulatory, legal, administrative, technological and business profile, to locate and integrate the solution of interest within the business.
This service offers Cetif's members a chance to identify potential partners who can deliver innovative solutions to their own product and service requirements.
Technology Scouting
A monthly customized report on the most innovative Fintech's companies
Market Researches
Business tours to Israel provide the opportunity to scout out potential investments firsthand and gain insight into the country's unique technology culture.
Business Tours in Israel
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