"Man was not made for the service of economies; economies were made to serve mankind; and men and women were made - so I believe - to serve one another, not just themselves. We may not survive while others drown; we may not feast while others starve; we are not free when others are in servitude; we are not well when billions languish in disease and premature death".
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Who we are?
The Jewish Economic Forum was established in 2015, as a non-profit international networking hub and is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The JEF is based on an open source approach with the aim of connecting the Jewish economic community with the business world.

The JEF is an independent organization with no political affiliations that connects business, political and academic leaders from all around the world who share the common goal of growing their societies in a fair and balanced way by working together.
What is our Goal?
The Jewish Economic Forum strives to promote progress, entrepreneurship and growth through the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge. Our main purpose is to encourage the success of our societies by "building bridges".
Our Principles
Jewish moral and ethical principles are the foundations of how we intend to enhance world's economic well-being, encourage business and innovation.
How do we do it?
We are an open-source organization that expands its network growth through a balance between the use of new technologies and the traditional face to face meetings, workshops, conferences and business tours.
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